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Partners for Community - Collaborating with Social Service Agencies

Windsor Marketing

An innovative in-store marketing company with a hands-on approach, Windsor Marketing Group helps generate sales by training its marketing professionals to walk through client stores and look for ways to improve the customer experience. Dedicated to the local community, Windsor Marketing Group has supported many causes, including Partners for Community in Springfield, Massachusetts.

Founded in 1997, Partners for Community (PfC) collaborates with local human services agencies to relieve the burden of administrative tasks so they can focus on providing effective community social programs. These affiliate agencies work in various social service areas but share the common goal of helping others achieve self-sufficiency and live with dignity. PfC’s affiliates include New England Farm Workers’ Council, the Corporation for Public Management, and the Corporation for Justice Management.

PfC assists its affiliates by providing a variety of financial services — including accounting and payroll services — as well as human resources functions, such as recruiting employees and managing employee benefits. PfC also handles its affiliates’ program monitoring and implementation of best practices.

By consolidating these administrative tasks, PfC empowers its affiliates to focus more on their service programs and work toward community improvement.


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