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    Headquartered in Suffield, Connecticut, Windsor Marketing Group provides strategic in store marketing solutions that meet specific customer needs. Given the highly competitive retail environment, businesses require partners 100 percent invested in end results. The Windsor Marketing Group team maintains a collective commitment to clients’ success and takes time to understand clients’ needs, objectives, and the specific market dynamics they face.

    Windsor Marketing Group’s solutions emphasize the creation of dynamic in-store marketing programs that improve the shopping experience and drive a significant increase in incremental sales. With engaged shoppers, it becomes much easier to drive revenue growth and build sustainable pathways forward.

    A key value proposition of the company’s approach is its ability to execute ideas it generates together with its clients with extremely tight turnaround times. Operating at the “speed of retail,” the firm puts its Hierarchy of Visual Merchandising system to work in ways that generate immediate progress. A turnkey solution spans store walks, design, and kitting, with seven distinct manufacturing processes used. Windsor Marketing Group team members follow up on projects through store visits that evaluate program impact and measure performance.

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